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Are you looking for the most suitable online IQOS Heets dealer in Dubai? If yes, you are in the right spot with city vape Dubai. IQOS devices are a superior choice for those smokers who wish to return to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Designed by smoking giants Philip Morris International, IQOS Heets gadgets heat tobacco at a lower temperature rather than boiling it, thereby removing lesser toxins.

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Iqos is a line of wild tobacco and electronic cigarette products fabricated by Philip Morris International (PMI). It was first presented in November 2014 with the Iqos tobacco heating device launch in Japan and Italy before being slowly commercialized in other countries.

Alongside Iqos-branded e-cigarettes, a large portfolio segment focuses on gadgets that heat tobacco without burning it. The long-term fitness benefits of heated tobacco reached to burnt tobacco are yet to be demonstrated, with the belief that the product could, at any moment, be less harmful than cigarettes still being discussed among the scientific community.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)?

IQOS, a new gadget that heats tobacco rather than burns it, has come to the United States. It’s being deceptively sold as a safer alternative to vaping and smoking. Getty Images

Smoking colossi Philip Morris and Altria have established IQOS, a “HeatStick” that heats up rather than ignites tobacco, for sale in the United States. Smoking giants Philip Morris and Altria have launched IQOS, a “heatstick” that heats up rather than burns tobacco, for sale in the United States.

This new e-cigarette-like product is pitched to consumers as a safer alternative to vaping.

Medical specialists say it’s too short of declaring this a safer option, and the extended-term medical risks associated with IQOS  are even unknown.

Doctors declare that, as with any tobacco product, the health dangers are still high.

In the middle of a nationwide public health crisis covering vaping, a new product that only hit the market is pitching itself as a more uncontroversial alternative.


The creators of a so-called “HeatStick” appropriate their technology that “heats” tobacco is more unassailable than competitors that “burn” it. While this kind of smoking gadget might say better in theory, doctors warn that new technology consistently brings unknown, understudied fitness risks. The jury is even out on exactly how these gadgets could affect health. But experts fear any tobacco-based product still poses serious health hazards.

IQOS, a HeatStick brand, officially hit the United States. CNN reports it is now being sold at its first location, a mall in the more prominent Atlanta metro area, with dreams to expand throughout the United States soon. The brand has been unrestricted in 49 other countries since 2014.

Struggling to get on with vaping but hopeless about switching from smoking? IQOS  Heets is a new option for smoking. Heating tobacco, instead of burning it, differentiates this clever concept from traditional cigarettes. Heating tobacco clearances the true taste of real tobacco with, in the middle, 95% fewer harmful chemicals than traditional cigarettes. If you do not get on with vaping, this is a wonderful option to prevent smoking clearances, so explore our fortune deals today!

IQOS Heets scrutinizes like other e-cigarettes. It’s a long, pen-shaped gadget. It was first developed by tobacco corporations Altria and Philip Morris when they were even one company.

Philip Morris has been spreading the product internationally, and Altria is marketing it domestically via an agreement between the two, CNBC reports.

According to press freedom, U.S. allocation was made possible after IQOS was authorized for sale by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prematurely this year.

The companies say the gadget heats tobacco at a lower temperature than products such as conventional cigarettes, which burn the substance. They say this method releases fewer toxins into the body.